Molly Sullivan Sliney
• Two-Time Olympic Fencer 1988, 1992
• University of Notre Dame’s 1980’s Female Athlete of the Decade
• Won two NCAA titles
• Won two Pan American Gold Medals
Merrimack Valley Magazine

Playing With Swords

“Molly’s passion for her sport and her genuine desire to make a difference in children’s lives emanates throughout her presentation. Molly’s program is the most personal and powerful presentation I’ve ever seen and I can’t wait to bring her back to our school!”

 - Mary Robertson, Teacher, Lynnfield, MA

Molly Sullivan Sliney


Fencing Programs

Olympic Fencer Molly Sullivan Sliney has spoken to thousands of students since coming back from the '92 Games in Barcelona, and her message has always been the same: Believe in yourself, set goals, and move towards those goals one step at a time, and your dreams can come true. Molly delivers her message in a clear and interactive style, sharing her many experiences, from growing up suffering with the learning disability dyslexia, to fencing and traveling all over the globe. She encourages students to pursue their dreams through goal setting, hard work and motivation. Presentations are for students of all ages, and last approximately 45 minutes. For more information, please call 978-469-0640, or email Molly with any questions you may have.